Is it wrong to dress up for Halloween?

Here's the answer:

If you're going to dress up, pick a costume that honors God.

The Bible doesn't talk about Halloween because it wasn't around back when the Bible was written. But the Bible does tell us that God doesn't want us to ever do anything that involves witchcraft, sorcery, demons, Satan, or dead people. That means Christians shouldn't dress up on Halloween as ghosts, witches, goblins, evil monsters, or other scary things.

Many Christian families don't want to celebrate Halloween at all, because it did begin as an evil holiday. Instead, these families like to attend church parties that take the place of Halloween. Some families like to pass out booklets that tell about Jesus instead of passing out candy. Other families turn off their lights and don't answer the door when kids come for candy.

It's up to you and your parents to decide what's right for you on Halloween. God wants us to always honor Him in everything we do, so we need to be careful that we celebrate holidays only if we're pleasing Him with all of our words, thoughts, and actions.

Parents, if you choose to participate in fall festivals, trick or treating, or other activities, hand out our free printable which sends kids to where they can learn more about God.

Bible Truth

"Do not look for advice from people who get messages from those who have died. Do not go to people who talk to the spirits of the dead. If you do, they will make you 'unclean.' I am the LORD your God" (Leviticus 19:31).

"No matter what happens, live in a way that brings honor to the good news about Christ" (Philippians 1:27a).