What is Christian Science?

Here's the answer:

Christian Science is a cult and does not follow the Bible.

Christian Science was started by Mary Baker Eddy. She said she spent time praying, studying the Bible, and was interested in different healing methods. She came up with the title of “Christian Science” in 1879. She wrote a book called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Mary Baker Eddy also started a college, a church, a publishing enterprise, and a newspaper. She believed that God is a Father-Mother of all.

Since God is perfect and His design is perfect, Christian Scientists don't believe sin, death, evil, or illness can exist. They believe in spiritual healing instead of getting help from doctors. Instead of believing in sicknesses, Christian Scientists believe sickness isn’t real. They believe any sickness, illness, or death is all in your mind. The way to heal is thought to be only through prayer.

Christian Science is not true. There is nothing biblical about this false cult. Prayer can help in many ways, but God has also given us doctors to help us. The Bible tells us that sin, death, evil, and illness are all real. There has been sin in the world ever since the fall of man and we all sin freely (Romans 3:23). If you know a Christian Scientist, talk with them and help them know the truth of the Bible. Point them to Jesus and His amazing grace.

Bible Truth

"Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God’s glory" (Romans 3:23).

"Sin entered the world because one man sinned. And death came because of sin. Everyone sinned, so death came to all people" (Romans 5:12).

"Death came because of what a man did. Rising from the dead also comes because of what a man did. Because of Adam, all people die. So because of Christ, all will be made alive. But here is the order of events. Christ is the first of those who rise from the dead. When he comes back, those who belong to him will be raised" (1 Corinthians 15:21-23).