What is Spiritism?

Here's the answer:

According to its followers, Spiritism is not a religion, but a "way of life."

Spiritism was started by Allen Kardec and he described Spiritism as being "a science dedicated to the relationship between incorporeal beings and human beings." In other words, Spiritism puts a big emphasis on immortal spirits and how they travel from one body to another over the course of several lifetimes. The traveling from one body to another is supposed to help the soul grow in moral and intellectual knowledge. Spiritism also believes that human beings can talk to disembodied spirits through séances and mediums.

Spiritism is not biblical. None of its teachings are in agreement with the Bible. The Bible tells us not to talk with the dead or engage in séances and consulting mediums. We should not be involved with Spiritism because it is wrong and goes against God. If you want to learn about what happens when we die, find in our article, "What happens after we die?"

Bible Truth

"Do not look for advice from people who get messages from those who have died. Do not go to people who talk to the spirits of the dead. If you do, they will make you ‘unclean.’ I am the Lord your God" (Leviticus 19:31).

"He sacrificed his children in the fire to other gods. He did it in the Valley of Ben Hinnom. He practiced all kinds of evil magic. He took part in worshiping evil powers. He got messages from people who had died. He talked to the spirits of people who have died. He did many things that were evil in the eyes of the Lord. Manasseh made the Lord very angry" (2 Chronicles 33:6).

"People have to die once. After that, God will judge them" (Hebrews 9:27).