Why do I do bad things even when I know it’s wrong?

Here's the answer:

We find it natural and easier to choose the wrong thing instead of the right thing!

Sometimes we choose to do wrong because we have a sinful nature.

But as believers in Jesus, God gives us a choice. His Holy Spirit encourages us to do the right thing. But our sin nature says it would be more fun to do the wrong thing. Then we have to make a choice. Who do we listen to?

Our sin nature says, "It would be a lot easier if you cheated on this test."
The Holy Spirit says, "You need to be honest and cheating is sin."

Our sin nature says, "Punch that mean kid in the face!"
The Holy Spirit says, "Forgive mean people and pray for them."

Who do we listen to?

We can choose to honor God and do the right thing or we can choose to sin.

Bible Truth

"Sin entered the world because one man sinned. And death came because of sin. Everyone sinned, so death came to all people" (Romans 5:12).

"My brothers, here is what I want you to know. I announce to you that your sins can be forgiven because of what Jesus has done" (Acts 13:38).