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Questions About God:
    • How old is God?

Questions About Salvation:
    • Why did my friend say “I asked Jesus in my heart” when he got saved?

Questions About Eternity and Angels:
    • How many angels are in heaven?

Questions About Prayer:
    • What if two people pray for opposite things at the same time? Which one will receive an answer to prayer?
    • Can I pray for certain toys and other things I really want?
    • Is it ok to pray for my pet?
    • Is it ok to be honest with God?
    • Does God always hear us?
    • Why do we pray for God to help us not be bad?
    • Is prayer magic?
    • Why does God want us to pray together with other people?
    • Do I have to pray at bedtime?

Questions About the Christian Life:
    • Can God help me?

Questions About World Religions:
    • What is a Christian?
    • What is Christianity?
    • What is Reincarnation?

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