How did Jesus do miracles?

Here's the answer:

Jesus performed miracles because He is God!

Jesus was a person and God at the same time; He was God's own Son. Because of this, Jesus had all of the powers of God to do anything He wanted, including miracles. Jesus' miracles really did happen. He did them to prove to people that He was the Savior the Bible had promised and because He wanted to show them His love.

Jesus had the power to do all of His miracles on His own, but He sometimes used people like the disciples to complete them.

Bible Truth

"Jesus did many other miraculous signs in front of his disciples. They are not written down in this book. But these are written down so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. If you believe this, you will have life because you belong to him" (John 20:30–31).

"The kinds of things I do in my Father's name speak for me" (John 10:25).