Questions About Jesus

Questions about Jesus

Jesus and Me

Can I see Jesus?
Why does Jesus tell us to follow Him?
What does it mean that Jesus lives in my heart?
Does Jesus love me?
What does it mean that Jesus loves the little children?
Is Jesus our brother?
Did Jesus talk to children when He lived on earth?
Is it wrong to have pictures of Jesus?
What does it mean when Christians are called the bride of Christ?
What does it mean to love Jesus?
Should we worship Jesus?
Is loving Jesus a feeling?

Life of Jesus

What is the story of Jesus?
How long ago did Jesus live?
What was Jesus like as a baby?
Did Jesus ever do anything bad when he was little?
When is Jesus coming back?
Who did Jesus hang out with when He was on earth? Who were Jesus' friends?
Was Jesus married? Did He have children?
Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?
Where did Jesus come from?
Why was Jesus tempted by the devil?
What is the Rapture? Is God really going to take us all to heaven?
How did Jesus walk on water?
What is a parable?
When Jesus comes to bring believers to heaven, what will happen to the world and all the people?
When will Jesus come back?
Who were Jesus’ disciples?
Why did Jesus have disciples?
Why was Jesus too busy to see the kids?
What is the story of Jesus?
Why was Jesus baptized?
Why do some dates have A.D. and B.C.?
Why did Jesus tell others not to say anything about His miracles?
Did Jesus sin? Was He sinless?
Was Jesus a Jew? Why aren't we all Jewish?
What did Jesus mean when He said, "I AM"?
Why is Jesus called the "Word"?
What language did Jesus speak?
Why did Jesus go back to heaven?
Did Jesus have kids?
Why is the virgin birth important?
Did Jesus really tell a storm to be quiet?
Who was the woman at the well? What can we learn from the way Jesus treated her?
What was the Sermon on the Mount? What does Jesus teach us?
Why did people in the Bible reject Jesus? Do people still reject Jesus?
What was Jesus’ first miracle?
Why was Jesus tempted by Satan?
I heard Jesus put demons in some pigs! What’s that about?
Did Jesus use a little boy’s lunch to feed 5000 people?
Was Jesus actually glowing on the mountain with Moses and Elijah?
What’s the story of the lost sheep?
What can I learn from the Good Samaritan?
Who is the prodigal son?
Did Jesus really raise Lazarus from the dead?
Did Jesus get so angry He turned over tables? I thought anger was a sin.
Why did a lady pour perfume all over Jesus?

Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Is Jesus dead?
What happened to Jesus after He rose from the dead?
Did Jesus know He would come back to life?
If Jesus died on the cross, how can He be alive today? Is Jesus alive?
Why is Jesus' resurrection important?
Where is Jesus today?
Why did people want to kill Jesus, and why did God let them?
What is Palm Sunday?
What is a resurrection?
Why were the soldiers so mean to Jesus? Why did God let them hurt Jesus?
Why did Jesus go to heaven?
Did Jesus want to die?
Why did Jesus have to die?
What does it mean that "Jesus saves"?
Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?
What was the triumphal entry?
What is the importance of the empty tomb?
What is the Kingdom of God?

Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus God?
What did Jesus look like?
How did Jesus do miracles?
Is Jesus the only way to be saved?
Does the Bible talk about Jesus before He was born? Is Jesus in the Old Testament?
Was Jesus a real person or was He pretend?
What does Messiah mean?
Why does the Bible have so many different names for Jesus?
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus pray?
Did Jesus ever get angry?
Why is Jesus the "only begotten son"?
What does it mean that Jesus is Lord?
Is Christ Jesus’ last name?
Is Jesus in history books?
What is truth?
Is a miracle and magic the same thing?