Who was Job?

Here's the answer:

Job went through a lot of hard things, but God was with him.

"Then the LORD said to Satan, 'Have you thought about my servant Job? There isn’t anyone on earth like him. He is honest. He does what is right. He has respect for me and avoids evil'" (Job 1:8).

Job was a man in Bible times who followed God. God was very proud of Him. But Satan didn’t like that Job was following God, so he decided to show God that if bad things happened to Job, then Job would stop following God. God knew that Job would not stop following Him, so He allowed Satan to test Job.

A lot of bad things started happening to Job. His animals were killed or stolen—all of his sheep, his cows, his donkeys, and his camels. Many of Job’s servants were killed too. And then a house fell down and killed all of his children.

Job was very sad. He shaved his head and tore his clothes to show that he was in mourning. But do you know what he did next? Instead of getting angry with God, Job got on his knees and worshipped Him.

Things didn’t get better for a while. Job got very sick and had painful sores all over his body. His friends came to comfort him but ended up talking harshly to him. But through it all, Job never got angry with God, just like God knew he wouldn’t.

After a while, God did not allow Satan to attack Job anymore. He healed Job completely, and blessed him by giving him more riches and animals than he had before. He also had more children. Job lived to a very old age and saw his children become happy and successful.

Even though Job went through a very difficult time, God was always with him, and Job learned a lot about who God is. Job’s story shows us that no matter what is happening in our lives, we can trust God to care for us and be with us along the way.

Bible Truth

For Job’s full story, you can read the book of Job in the Old Testament.