Who was Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Here's the answer:

Mary was the mother of Jesus.

"'I serve the Lord,' Mary answered. 'May it happen to me just as you said it would'" (Luke 1:38).

Mary was a young girl who loved and served God. One day, an angel named Gabriel appeared to her with an important message. He said, "God has chosen you to be the mother of His Son, Jesus." Jesus was coming to earth as a baby so He could grow up and one day die on a cross for the sins of the world.

Mary was confused. She was engaged to a man named Joseph, but she wasn’t married yet! How could she have a baby? The angel told her that God’s power would be with her so that she could have the baby. This was a great honor, and Mary knew it. She was obedient to God and had faith that He would take care of her.

When it was almost time for Jesus to be born, Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted in a census (a way for the government to keep track of how many people lived in the land). Bethlehem was very crowded, so Mary and Joseph had to stay in a place where animals lived. While they were there, Jesus was born!

Mary took care of Jesus as He grew up, and followed Him when He was an adult who taught people about God. But then Mary had to go through something very sad. Her son, Jesus, died on a cross for everyone’s sins. This must have been very hard for Mary. But the good news is that Jesus rose again three days later, and He’s now waiting in heaven for everyone who will believe in Him.

We can learn a lot from Mary. It must have been scary for her to have a baby when she wasn’t married, but she trusted that God had everything under control. She obeyed Him and followed His plan for her. We can do the same in our lives! God wants us to trust and obey Him every day. And He will help us do that when we spend time with Him by praying or reading His Word, the Bible.

Bible Truth

You can read some of Mary’s story in Luke 1:26–56 and Luke chapter 2.