Why can’t my parents afford to buy me things?

Here's the answer:

Parents make decisions based on what is best for the family.

Your parents oversee a lot of hard decisions. They have many bills to pay. They pay rent or the mortgage for your house so you can live there. They have to pay for the electricity and water used in your house. They also must pay for food, clothes, and other bills. All of these things have to be paid from a limited amount of money.

When your mom or dad says they can’t afford to buy a toy for you, they may be saying that the money is being saved to pay bills.

If the item is something you need, nicely ask your parents and explain why you need it. They might be able to include it in their budget. If the item is something you want, look for ways you can earn money. That way, you can earn money, save it, and buy the item you want.

Bible Truth

"Anyone who loves pleasure will become poor..." (Proverbs 21:17).