Questions About Friends and Family

Questions about Friends


Sometimes my friends do something bad. What should I do?
Do I have to be nice to everyone?
Is it okay to be best friends with someone who isn't a Christian?
Is it okay for me to have a boyfriend/girlfriend at my age?
How should I treat kids who are different?
How can I be a good friend?
How can I stop being shy?
My friend's parents are getting a divorce. What can I do?
Why can't friends get along with each other instead of fighting?
I saw my friends steal something from a store. What should I do?
What is sportsmanship?
Is it ok for me to attend a Christian camp?
What does the Bible say about gangs?
What should I look for in a good role model?
My friend says he is gay. How should I respond?


Why do brothers and sisters fight?
Why do I have to do chores?
Why is it wrong to complain when my mom or dad asks me to do something?
Why do my parents tell me, “Don’t talk to strangers?”
Why don't some families get along?
Why did my parents get divorced?
What does the Bible say about brothers and sisters?
Why do I have to obey my parents?
Why do some kids have step parents?
Do I really have to eat the vegetables my parents tell me to eat?
Why do my parents get mad at me?
Why do I have to share with my brothers and sisters?
As a kid, can I keep secrets from my parents?
Why can't my parents afford to buy me things?
How can I listen when people are talking?
My friend is adopted. What does that mean?
Is it okay for my family to take a vacation?