Does God know who will get saved?

Here's the answer:

Yes, God knows who will be saved.

God knows everything and He knows which people will choose to accept Christ. God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9) and He has chosen those who will be saved.

As believers, we are God’s elect. This means we are chosen by Him. God does not choose people to be saved based on their efforts. People are chosen to be saved based on God’s mercy and goodness.

God is fair and He loves all people. He wants everyone to accept Him. God knows who will be saved and who will reject His gift of salvation. God is perfect and His ways are perfect. If you have chosen Jesus as your Savior, you can be thankful God has chosen you to be His child!

Bible Truth

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. He appointed them to be saved in keeping with his purpose. God planned that those he had chosen would become like his Son. In that way, Christ will be the first and most honored among many brothers and sisters" (Romans 8:28-29).

"The one who sent me doesn’t want me to lose anyone he has given me. He wants me to raise them up on the last day" (John 6:39).

"And those God has planned for, he has also appointed to be saved. Those he has appointed, he has made right with himself. To those he has made right with himself, he has given his glory" (Romans 8:30).