I saw my friends steal something from a store. What should I do?

Here's the answer:

If you see your friends shoplift, you should tell them it is wrong and encourage them to put the item back.

Stealing from a store is called shoplifting and it is a crime. When you see your friend steal something or if they brag about it, you should confront them and tell them it is wrong. If they refuse to put the item back, you should go home and not hang out with them anymore. People who steal will eventually get caught. Even if you aren’t the one stealing, you could get in trouble too. Those aren’t the type of friends who help you make good choices.

It is also important to tell your parents or a trusted adult. They can help you know how to handle the situation.

Bible Truth

"Do not steal" (Exodus 20:15).

"Don't let anyone fool you. 'Bad companions make a good person bad'" (1 Corinthians 15:33).