How old was Adam when he died?

Here's the answer:

Adam was 930 years old when he died (Genesis 5:5).

The Bible tells us that Adam was 930 years old when he died (Genesis 5:5). He had a very long lifespan compared to people today. Both his children and his grandchildren would have lived very long lives also. Before the flood, it was common for people to live until 900 years old. Noah's father a shorter life during this generation and he lived to be 777 years old. The oldest person known to have lived in the Bible was Methuselah and he lived to be 969.

It wasn't until after the flood when the human lifespan started decreasing. After the flood, the average life span was 435 years. That is almost half of what Adam lived to be. As the years went on, people started living far shorter lives. Our average life span now is around 68 years for men and 73 years for women (worldwide average).

The people in the Old Testament, in the earliest generations, tended to live longer because God had created mankind to live forever. After the fall of man, that changed. People would now have to die because of sin being in the world. Over time, the longevity of life started to decrease. This is actually a gift from God in order for us not to have to suffer so long on earth before we can go to be with Him.

Bible Truth

"Adam lived a total of 930 years. And then he died" (Genesis 5:5).

"Methuselah lived a total of 969 years. And then he died" (Genesis 5:27).

"We live to be about 70. Or we may live to be 80, if we stay healthy. But even our best days are filled with trouble and sorrow. The years quickly pass, and we are gone" (Psalm 90:10).