How can I listen when people are talking?

Here's the answer:

Listening is a skill we can learn. It takes effort, but we can learn how to listen.

Here are some steps we can take to learn how to listen.

1) Look at the person who is talking. Stop what you are doing and look directly at the person who is talking. That is how we give someone our attention. It is easier to listen when we aren’t distracted by other things like the TV or a phone. It may be helpful to turn off the TV or put away your phone.

2) Pay attention to what the person is saying. Try to understand and don’t interrupt.

3) Respond. When the person is done talking, respond. Ask a question or talk about the same topic. If you don’t understand the topic, ask the person to explain.

Learning how to listen is a great skill to have as a kid. As you grow, you can get better at it and be a good example to others. Listening is a way we can show God’s love to our family and friends.

Bible Truth

"My son, accept my words. Store up my commands inside you. Let your ears listen to wisdom. Apply your heart to understanding" (Proverbs 2:1–2).