What does it mean to pray according to the will of God?

Here's the answer:

Praying according to God’s will means praying what God wants us to pray.

In order to pray according to God’s will, you have to know Him. God is completely good, perfect, and holy. He never does anything bad or evil. Praying according to God’s will means you don’t pray for selfish things. Praying God’s will means you align your desires with God’s desires.

You can pray according to God’s will by following examples in the Bible. The Bible tells us to pray for the people who are mean to us (Matthew 5:44). We are also to pray for help with temptations (Matthew 26:41). The Bible gives numerous examples of how to pray according to God’s will.

Every person should pray for good things to glorify God. Also, never forget to thank God for all of His blessings!

Bible Truth

"When you do ask for something, you don’t receive it. That’s because you ask for the wrong reason. You want to spend your money on your sinful pleasures" (James 4:3).

"God, who looks into our hearts, knows the mind of the Spirit. And the Spirit prays for God’s people just as God wants him to pray" (Romans 8:27).

"Is anyone among you in trouble? Then that person should pray. Is anyone among you happy? Then that person should sing songs of praise" (James 5:13).