What is Passion Week?

Here's the answer:

Passion Week is sometimes called Holy Week. It is the time from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday).

Why is it called Passion Week? Passion is "a strong or powerful emotion" and has come to refer to the suffering that Jesus went through in the days leading up to when He died and also includes His death on the cross.

Passion Week begins on Palm Sunday where we see Jesus coming into Jerusalem riding on a donkey just like the Old Testament said He would (Zechariah 9:9). Then Jesus cleansed the temple (Luke 19:45-46) and gave the Olivet Discourse about what is coming in the future (Mark 13:1-37). Also included in Passion Week is the last supper that Jesus ate with His disciples (Luke 22:7-38), His prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, Judas’ betraying Him, Jesus arrest, and His trials.

After the trials, the soldiers beat Jesus and He was crucified. He was buried and then rose from the dead!

What can we learn from Passion Week? Jesus showed us how much He loves us! His passion showed us that He willingly died for us. We can accept Jesus and His death as payment for our sins!

Bible Truth

"So one man’s sin brought guilt to all people. In the same way, one right act made people right with God. That one right act gave life to all people" (Romans 5:18).

"So turn away from your sins. Turn to God. Then your sins will be wiped away. The time will come when the Lord will make everything new" (Acts 3:19).