What should I say when I pray?

Here's the answer:

Praise and thank God, confess sin, and ask Him for His help.

Praise and thank God for the good things He is doing. Be honest with Him, confessing sin, because He already knows everything about you. He loves hearing your prayers and wants to give you answers, even if they're not always the answers you expect. God speaks to you through His Word, the Bible. Make sure you read the Bible so you can hear what He has to say!

You can also pray for the things you and other people need. For example, you might ask God to help you remember things you're learning in school or to help your friend's dad find a job. You might ask God to help you get along with your brother or to forgive a bully. You should ask God to keep you strong against doing sinful, wrong things. Pray for God's help to do the right things that help you become more like Jesus.

Ask that God's plan happen, even if that plan isn't what you expect. Jesus, God's Son, always wanted God's plan or will to be done, even when God's will was that Jesus die. Jesus took the punishment for sinners by dying on the cross. You must trust Jesus in order to be made right with God.

Bible Truth

"And when you stand praying, forgive anyone you have anything against. Then your Father in heaven will forgive your sins" (Mark 11:25).

"There is one thing we can be sure of when we come to God in prayer. If we ask anything in keeping with what he wants, he hears us. If we know that God hears what we ask for, we know that we have it" (1 John 5:14–15).