Questions About God

Questions about God


Who created God?
Does God exist?
How do we know God is real?
How did God make everyone else after Adam and Eve?
What is the age of the world? How old is it?
What was God doing before He created us?
What happened on each of the days of creation?
Did Adam name the animals?
Why did God create the world?
How did God create Adam and Eve?
How did God create the world?
How does the sun rise and set?
How did God create people?
Why should we be kind to animals/pets?
Why did God make different languages?
Why do some people believe that humans came from monkeys?
Did God make people in outer space?
Why did God give people different skin colors?
What was the Garden of Eden?
Why did God create people?
Why did God create mosquitoes?

God and Me

Is it wrong to be angry with God?
Does God care about everything that happens in my life?
Does God love me?
The Bible says to fear God. Does that mean we’re supposed to be scared of Him?
Why does God let bad things happen?
Does God know when I will die?
Does God talk to me?
Does God have friends?
What does it mean to honor God?
How can I know God?
What does it mean to love God?
Why don’t some people believe in God?
What does it mean to praise God?
Why can’t we see God?
If God loves everyone, why are there still starving people around the world?
Why did God make me short / tall?
Why do we worship God?
Why is worship important?
Why should I believe in God?
Are we like God?
What keeps us from knowing God?
What should I do when God doesn’t make sense or I don’t understand Him?
How come God can tell me what to do?
Can God read our minds? Does God know what we’re thinking?
Why do I need two fathers, my dad here on Earth and God in heaven?

Holy Spirit

What are some of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit?
How do I know when the Holy Spirit is guiding me?
What does the Holy Spirit do?
Why did the Holy Spirit come down like a dove?
Will the Holy Spirit ever leave me?
Is the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
How do I receive the Holy Spirit?
Does the Holy Spirit work in the same ways today as in Bible times?
Who is the Holy Spirit?

What is God Like?

How can God be with every person at the same time?
Does God have favorites?
Does God get angry?
If God is invisible, how do we know He is around us?
Does God know the future?
Does God laugh and have a sense of humor?
Can God lie?
What is God like?
What does God look like?
Why does God love people?
Can God make mistakes?
Is God perfect?
Does God get sad?
Does God see everything?
Does God see everything?
What does holy mean?
Does God exist?
What is love?

Who is God?

Does God cry?
What does it mean that God is a Father to the fatherless?
How can God be three Persons and one God at the same time? What is the Trinity?
How long has God been been around?
What does it mean that God is our Father?
Where does God live?
Does God ever get tired or have to take a nap?
What are some of the different names of God?
Does God need us?
How big is God?
Is God a Person?
Is there only one God?
Who created God?
Who is God?
How old is God?